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Hey Queens & Princesses!

Hosting the 2nd Annual National Hispanic Heritage Celebration on

September 18, 2022, in Clarksville Tennessee

Searching for females for festival Queens and Princesses:

• Middle School (age 10-14)

• High School (age 14-18)

• College or University Students (age 18-26)

RULES: Must be one-page 8x10 paper. Must be written by participate in English or Spanish. Can be handwritten or typed. No fee for participating. Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2022. Please clearly write name (first and last), age, school, and contact info on back of photo.

Email: for more information

Student must write a one-page essay on:
“Why I am proud to be a Hispanic American”

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Thanks for registering to our Queens & Princess contest!

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